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Plot 1742, Kigobe Road, Ntinda,

Kampala, Uganda


What is this Summit about?

Organized by the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA), this summit will bring together over a
thousand youth from across Africa to discuss and develop innovative solutions to address the challenges
facing African food systems.

Focus of the Summit?

The summit will focus on empowering youth in sustainable agricultural production, promoting agroecology, and shaping inclusive, sustainable food systems for the continent.

Why is it dubbed the Summit of Solutions?

The emphasis on solutions is driven by the understanding that mere discussions and identification of challenges are insufficient to drive meaningful change. The summit aims to go beyond rhetoric by actively seeking innovative ideas, practical recommendations, and actionable plans to address the complex issues facing African food systems.

What is the overall objective of the Summit?

This summit will showcase diverse solutions from African Youth to demonstrate practical ways of achieving improved livelihoods and sustainable food systems.